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On August 10, 1995, the Catholic Diocese of Austin granted permission to an organization of prominent lay leaders to build a new Catholic elementary and middle school in southwest Austin. Based on the agreement, a Texas non-profit corporation was formed to own and operate the school. The school’s mission, religious formation and curriculum would be accountable to the Bishop of Austin, who is the ecclesiastical authority of the Apostolic See pursuant to the Canon Law of the Catholic Church. It would operate under the vigilance of the Diocesan Office of Education and Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

The formal agreement with the Most Reverend John McCarthy, Bishop of Austin, established key elements of the school’s purpose, mission and eventual mode of operation. The school was expected to have high academic standards and admit students who could meet those standards. It was expected to operate as an independent regional school without belonging to any one constituency, parish or neighborhood. The agreement further stated that the school would admit students regardless of race, national origin or religion, and set aside funds, as the budget permitted, for financial assistance.

Founded in 1999, St. Gabriel’s Catholic School, Austin, Texas, is an independent Catholic school owned and operated by a Texas non-profit corporation. St. Gabriel's opened its doors in 1999 to 350 students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight from 24 zip codes in and around the Austin area.

In 2013, St. Gabriel's celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, which is a major milestone in the young history of the school. Today, we have the buildings - the lower school; Knotts Hall, our beautiful middle school; we have the gym, the track and fields, the playgrounds - we have the place...the bricks and mortar...but so much more important than the place, we have the people who make up the family, the community of St. Gabriel's.

St. Gabriel's Catholic School

2500 Wimberly Lane, Austin, TX 78735

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St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school, educating children in grades Junior Kindergarten through 8.