Saber Dads

Saber Dads is a group of men who strive to be always present for our children and the St. Gabriel’s Community.

Saber Dads

We are a spiritual and social organization of fathers committed to serving and supporting St. Gabriel‘s Catholic School in Austin TX through our presence and example. Our children witness our service and recognize the normalcy of helping others, which over time eventually becomes part of their being.

There are numerous activities throughout the year in which we serve including cooking for the Homecoming Carnival, hosting the Saber Dads Mass, camping with our kids, and the legendary dads-only fishing trip! Each activity is an opportunity to show our love for our children, to grow as men, and to fulfill our primary mission of being servant examples in our community. Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it. We make a difference at St. Gabriel’s Catholic School.

Saber Dads Is...

  • An opportunity to serve St. Gabriel's
  • A visible sign of your support
  • A chance to get away and relax
  • A cheering section for the big game
  • A chance to have lunch with your child
  • An opportunity to look good to your wife
  • The chance to be a role model
  • A spiritual and fraternal support team
  • An opportunity for dads to just be guys

Saber Dads Is Not...

  • Expensive ($35 suggested donation)
  • A time sieve (come when you can)
  • A guilt trip (no worries)
  • A cult (no one will make you wear a robe)
  • A fraternity (we're older and wiser)
  • An elitist club (we really don't care)
  • Your wife's idea (we thought of it first)
  • A political body (we stay out of that stuff)
  • A spam generator (minimal emails)
St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.