Academics and Programs
Lower School Pre-K to 4th Grade

Third and Fourth Grade

With the basics in place these developed skills are now used to learn more about the world. Learning to read in the primary grades is replaced by reading to learn. Reading and speaking fluency are more pronounced and expected. By these grades, phonemic skills are mastered, as new multi-syllabic words in science or social studies cannot be memorized. Reading comprehension becomes an essential skill as paragraphs become increasingly longer requiring true understanding. The joy of reading is shared in student Literature Circles.

The EnVision Math 2.0 program continues in Grades 3-4, with an emphasis on mastery of basic skills and attention to more complex mathematics concepts. DreamBox continues to support those concepts at a student-driven pace.
Technology education is woven throughout each curricular strand as students increase their skill and capacity with technology as a tool for support in all areas of study. They charge ahead fearlessly and creatively exploring new ideas.

St. Gabriel's Catholic School

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St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.