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Michelle Estep, 2nd Grade

Michelle Estep is one of the wonderful second grade teachers here at St. Gabriel’s. Michelle joined the St. Gabriel’s family in 2009, bringing seven years of teaching experience with her.  Michelle devotes her life to teaching because she believes it is what she was made to do—she can’t imagine doing anything else. She knows that all of her experiences, education, and God-given talents have led her to this vocation, and the experience comes so naturally.
A native of Temple, Texas, Michelle spent her high-school years in the Houston area before she earned two degrees from The University of Texas at Austin: a Bachelors of Arts with a Spanish concentration and a Bachelors of Journalism. Michelle speaks English and Spanish, and loves to travel to locations with natural beauty.  When she is not teaching, you’ll find her spending time with her family, their blue Betta fish (named ‘Big Blue Fish’ by her son), cooking just about anything, gardening, reading, playing sports, or meditating.
You can reach Michelle at:

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