Our Approach
Innovative Learning


It’s no secret that the teachers of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School in Austin TX are masters of their craft.
The terrific instructional staff of St. Gabriel’s Catholic school is engaging in a fantastic professional development event called SGCS TopChef. This exciting challenge began April 1st
Each week, our teachers will be given 3 QuickFire Challenges, which contain 3 innovative strategies. Teachers will choose one strategy to add into their lesson plans and post a lesson artifact in the SGCS Google Classroom. At the end of the week, one name will be chosen at random from the pool of teachers who submitted artifacts. The chosen name will receive 1 of 7 awesome prizes.
SGCS TopChef is aimed at sharing best practices and building collegiality through fortifying our culture of mentoring and learning. The event will run until the end of May and promises to be a superb way to top off a marvelous year at St. Gabriel’s Catholic School.
Check out the winner's circle:
Gena Pass (2C) - week one
Pamela Stokes (3C) - week two
Thomas Marino (5C) - week three
Sophie Hong (5D) - week four
Alicia Estrello (3A) - week five

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St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.