10 Tips for Creating More Gratefulness

Lisa Larsen, LPC
Congratulations parents, you made it to Thanksgiving Break! Woohoo!
With tremendous grace, patience, and love, our community has yet again accomplished what always feels like a challenge at the start of each school year - a cohesive, caring, engaged, and happy school family of learners, teachers, staff, and families. Although the exhaustion is real and well earned, the moment is perfect for taking a breather, sitting still, and thinking about how grateful we are for all the moments that brought us to this one. 
We cannot celebrate Thanksgiving without thinking about gratefulness. If your family is like mine, we go around the table before everyone digs in, and each person shares something they feel thankful for this year, which always includes some laughter and some shaky voices full of tenderness. 
I ran across this fantastic list of actions we can take to create more gratefulness. I am all about action steps! Positive movement happens when we not only gain personal insight, but also when we actually DO something different. Taking a chance is often the most important first step. So while your family is gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I invite you to step into gratefulness. 
10 Tips for Creating Gratefulness from Greater Good Berkeley:
1. Keep a Daily Family or Personal Gratitude Journal
2. Remember the Bad (honor the difficult times and celebrate just how far you've come)
3. Ask Yourself 3 Questions:
      What have I received from  ____?
      What have I given to _____?
      What troubles and difficulties have I caused?
4. Learn and recite alone or together, prayers of gratitude.
5. Come to your Senses (connect with touch, sight, feelings, beauty, and the recognition of  the miracle of the human body)
6. Use Visual Reminders (“Today I am Grateful for…”)
7. Make a Vow to Practice Gratitude (in your words & actions)
8. Watch Your Language (focus on the positive experiences and recognize the good things others have done for you)
9. Go Through the Motions (smile, write, & say thank-you)
10. Think Outside the Gratitude Box (new ways of seeing those things that you are thankful for)
To all our St Gabriel's families, I wish you a lovely, well-earned rest (or fun!) with those you love. I am deeply grateful for this amazing community of colleagues, students, families and the daily Grace of God. 

Lisa Hellmer, LPC
St Gabriel’s Counselor
St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.