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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

St. Gabriel Student Support Services are an integral component of our mission to foster character formation through scholastic excellence and physical, emotional and spiritual growth. The ultimate goals of Student Support Services are to help students develop positive attitudes toward school, their peers and, most importantly, themselves. 

Learning Center

The Learning Center provides reasonable accommodations to support Lower and Middle School students who have been evaluated by a neuropsychologist for learning differences. Additionally, academic support is offered to students as needed in grades K–2 without a diagnosis. We evaluate all Kindergarten students and new first and second grade students at the beginning of each year using the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing. Qualified students will receive small group instruction.
Students with physical or health challenges may require extra help to be academically successful, like extra time on homework and tests or preferential seating. They may need help to prioritize or organize their work and tasks. Our staff provides additional support, including small group instruction and brainstorming strategies. They will direct parents to additional resources, consult with teachers, provide testing accommodations, and write and monitor accommodations plans.

Counseling & Guidance

Experiencing academic, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties from time to time can be a normal part of growth and maturity for a child. Our counselors are available to meet with students to problem solve and discuss issues related to friendships, behavioral concerns in the classroom, academic concerns or other common childhood or teen developmental challenges.
If students have any special academic needs or learning issues, counselors work collaboratively with teachers, parents and administrators to create a positive plan of action for students. 

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