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The Athletics Program at St. Gabriel's Catholic School is inclusive, competitive, and structured to develop independent and successful young men and women, on and off the competitive field. Our focus of teaching and enhancing character defining traits, such as accountability, work ethic, and commitment, is the foundation of all SGCS athletic endeavors.  Success, then, is not measured by the scoreboard at the end of a game or the trophies in our trophy cabinet, but by our student-athlete's growth and development throughout the season.  
We encourage students of all abilities to participate in athletics, and our inclusive "no-cut" philosophy is the hallmark of our program. Winning is not our primary focus. Through teamwork, students develop social and communication skills and experience successes and failures outside of the classroom. More than 90 percent of students in the fifth through eighth grades participate in at least one sport during the school year. We offer Saber Study afterschool study hall to support students who wish to participate in sports programs.
Our state-of-the-art facilities feature a cushioned running track, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium with climbing ropes and walls, football/soccer stadium and playing field.

St. Gabriel's Sports

Fall: Flag Football, Tackle Football, Volleyball, Cross Country
Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading
Spring: Soccer, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Tennis, Golf

Spring Season Review

Saber Nation,
As we close the 2017 spring season, we, in effect, close the 2016-2017 athletic calendar.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our departing 8th grade student-athletes.  Your legacy has been cemented into the hearts, minds, and actions of your younger classmates.  You taught our community how to be fiercely loyal to our teammates.  In all of my years of teaching and coaching I cannot remember a group of students that were more supportive and encouraging to each other than the class of 2017.  You’ve taught us how to work and strive for our passions by the effort you consistently put forth.  Finally, you reminded us how to love the game and enjoy the moment.  At its core, sports and athletics are simply games, and games are meant to be fun.  This group of young adults will always hold a special place in my heart.  I cannot wait to see how this class grows, develops, and achieves.

Riley Litherland
Director of Student Activities

2017 Spring Season Results and Notes
Boy's Lacrosse
W/L: 3-3
This was a team, consisting of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, that competed against teams that were older, bigger, faster, and stronger.  Our goal differential (+17) describes a team that soundly defeated lesser competition and barely lost to tougher teams.  Although our won/loss record describes a mediocre team, our boy's lacrosse program is positioned for an extremely strong 2018 season.

Girl's Lacrosse
W/L: 2-3
Our girl's lacrosse program is growing.  Coach Murphy returned to the field with a big task of teaching the game to newcomers and improving the game for the few experienced girls.  As more girls experience the thrill and excitment of lacrosse, Coach Murphy will turn a new program into one of the top teams in our league.

7/8 W/L: 6-3
5/6 W/L: 4-1
The 7/8 team kicked off the season by starting 1-3.  Coach Wiggins and Coach Silva re-focused their team to finish with a five game winning streak, and ended placing 2nd in the AIPL tournament.  The 5/6 team, led by Coach Welsh and Coach Silva, cruised through the regular season.  Disappointingly, the team lost in the semifinals of the AIPL tournament.  SGCS has become accustomed to fielding strong soccer teams.  There is no reason for that to change anytime soon.

Track and Field
Historically, SGCS will field a respectable number of athletes on the Track and Field team.  This year, however, was an exception.  Sawyer S. led the team and placed 3rd in the 7/8 400m and 4th in the 7/8 200m.

Our growing tennis program is continually adding new players to the sport.  Coach Pernell masterfully grows beginners, intermediate, and advanced tennis players, alike.  Ella L. and Tiana S. shared 3rd place with Ellie L. and Natalia F. in 5/6 girl's doubles.  Nick A. achieved 1st place in 7/8 boy's singles.  He also, paired with William M., took the 7/8 boy's double crown.

Golf, led by Coach Johnson, is quickly becoming a popular sport at SGCS.  Although many of our athletes were not able to compete in the AIPL tournament, those that did represented SGCS proudly.  
"Never settle for less than your best!"

Recent Games

Monday, 9/18/2017

Saber Green Volleyball
6:30 PM
St. Theresa's
Loss 0-2

Monday, 9/18/2017

7/8 Saber Volleyball
5:30 PM
St. Theresa's
Loss 0-2

Monday, 9/18/2017

Saber White Volleyball
4:30 PM
St. Theresa's
Loss 0-2

Saber Athletics

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