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St. Gabriel’s is excited to introduce Austin’s premier Preschool program!

What is Junior Kindergarten at St. Gabriel’s?

Junior Kindergarten prepares children for the demands of a challenging, Kindergarten curriculum while focusing on the unique developmental and academic needs of each child. Academic instruction is differentiated for each child by providing opportunities for emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. Some preschool children may be at the earliest stages of phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and number sense while others are writing letters, exploring word formation, and solving basic math problems. In Junior Kindergarten, each child learns academic concepts with a developmentally appropriate emphasis on process, not product.

How is the Junior Kindergarten structured?

We offer two concurrent classes of Junior Kindergarten. Both classes meet five days per week from 8am-1pm. Providing concurrent classes allows for two teachers per class with a small student-to-teacher ratio, increased opportunities to differentiate instruction, and grouping of sections by age, gender, and developmental or preschool academic needs. To afford purposeful differentiation, students will have the opportunity to work with four different teachers and share the space of three Junior Kindergarten classrooms.

What is Extended-Day?

Extended-day is a full-day option available at an additional cost for Junior Kindergarten. Children enrolled in Extended-day from three to five days per week will receive additional preschool academic enrichment from their Junior Kindergarten teachers until 3:30pm.

After 3:30pm, extended-day students will join the Saber Kids, which is a multi-grade after-care program that includes outdoor play, arts and crafts, games, and snack time for our Prek-Fourth Grade students.

Extended-day is open for enrollment at any point during the school year.

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