Strategic Plan

Five-Year Strategic Plan - 2021-2025

Dear St. Gabriel’s Families,

Our school theme this year is “Forging the Future, Together!” This could not be more fitting, for after an intentional and thorough process, the new St. Gabriel’s Catholic School’s Five-Year Strategic Plan is complete and ready to share. We are energized by the strategic goals that have been set for the upcoming years. The future of St. Gabriel’s is bright and filled with promise!

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Board of Trustees commissioned Carney Sandoe consultants to assist the strategic planning process. Many focus groups representing all constituents of St. Gabriel’s met and offered input and feedback to the consultants. A Strategic Plan Committee, consisting of trustees, staff, and parents, distilled the feedback into four strategic areas: Identity, Community, Curriculum and Instruction, and Resources. The final draft was voted upon and recently approved by the Board of Trustees, and we are delighted to share this plan with you.
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The Identity goal calls on us to ensure that all in our community have a deep understanding of what it means to be a premier independent school that is Catholic. It is also essential that our St. Gabriel’s school family is able to communicate that identity clearly and well.


Entrusting us to care for and steward our precious community, the plan’s Community goal is a call to action. As a community of integrity, caring, and excellence, each of us has a responsibility to maintain its openness, inclusivity, diversity, and warmth. 

Curriculum and Instruction

Continuous growth and excellence in our curriculum and instruction are the focus of this goal.  As we continue to innovate and inspire our students to thrive academically and spiritually, we will continue to enhance our programming in all areas, while also continuing to focus on our students’ fullest potential through athletics, the arts, and afterschool programs.


We will be wise stewards of our financial resources and responsibly manage school assets in a manner that efficiently and effectively fulfills our mission and vision. To achieve this Resources goal, we will strengthen our culture of philanthropy and bolster the school’s endowment, which makes possible unabated excellence in all areas for our students today and for years to come.
The Strategic Plan in Action

You will notice several ways in which we will begin forging the future as we implement this Strategic Plan throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Our annual fundraising efforts through the St. Gabriel’s Fund and the Gala ensure that we maintain the excellence of a St. Gabriel’s experience. As we continue to expand our programming, we remain fully committed to our beautiful and outstanding facilities, which support these programs. The installation of a new track will take place over the winter break, as the first step in an upgrade to our outdoor athletics spaces. 

This past summer and through ongoing professional development, our dedicated teachers expanded their own education and now embrace the St. Gabriel’s mission in new ways, to educate each student in a responsive and differentiated manner. Furthermore, each faculty member is encouraged and supported to actively pursue new and more effective curricular choices in all grade levels. Top-of-class technology remains a priority; not only do all students have access to cutting edge technology, they also have access to an outstanding faculty to support their learning. We are continuing the work begun last year to collaborate with our neighbor, St. Michael’s Catholic Academy, exploring an effective alignment of academic programming and a partnership in areas such as athletics, fine arts, and curriculum to achieve increased opportunities for all of our students.  

Many in our St. Gabriel’s community worked diligently throughout the strategic planning process and deserve our gratitude. Thank you to our Strategic Planning Committee, the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent of the Diocese of Austin, Misty Poe, and the many parents, students, and staff members who joined in various focus groups to help delineate the most important areas deserving of our focus as we continue to grow and excel together as a school community. This process was truly an inclusive one, and mirrored all that we do together at St. Gabriel’s -  as a unified community, focused on what is best for children. 

It is exciting to shine a light on the incredible possibilities that lie ahead for our students. The Strategic Plan will be our constant guide to achieving all that we envision and more. We look forward to launching this exciting strategic plan for St. Gabriel’s Catholic School together!


Colleen Lynch                                     Ron Zboril
Head of School                                   Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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St. Gabriel's Catholic School Five-Year Strategic Plan

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