Innovative Learning

By incorporating innovative learning into the classroom, we are preparing our students to be future ready for whatever lies ahead of them as they learn, work and live their lives to the fullest.
St. Gabriel’s Catholic School is committed to facilitating a learning environment that fosters creativity and nurtures students to future ready servant leaders both in our community and our world. Our approach is to provide an innovative, authentic learning experience in the classroom, rooted in Social-Emotional Learning, delivered through Project-based learning that intertwines STEAM and Service Learning into the pedagogical delivery of our academic curriculum. 

By equipping our students with progressive technology, vibrant and meaningful learning experiences, and hands-on making, coupled with academic subject matter and real-world application, St. Gabriel’s stands as the most innovative approach to teaching and learning that fosters empathetic problem finders, ready to change the world. 

Our Director of Innovation shepherds this way of learning in the following ways:
  • Training, mentoring, and coaching teachers in project-based learning (PBL) as well as innovative best practices that deliver culturally responsive, differentiated learning experiences for our St. Gabriel’s students
  • Helping students make the power of media and technology a positive force through Common Sense Media and Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” curriculum as they learn how to protect themselves online
  • Leveraging innovative technologies like Google and Apple Education to facilitate authentic learning experiences utilizing technology
  • Supporting blended learning environments using tools where global connections are foundational in expanding both social-emotional learning and academic subject matter
  • Implementing coding in robotics, starting in early childhood, to build creativity, computational thinking, and risk taking

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    Eduardo Garcia 

    Director of Innovation
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