Our Community

Our Community

Philanthropy is about more than financial contributions only. It includes the many gifts that those in our community give to our school, including the gift of sharing time. We are so thankful to the many parents and community members who support our school by participating in activities, worshipping together at Mass, celebrating milestones, and supporting key events such as:
  • First Day of School Boo Hoo/Yahoo Breakfast
  • Veterans Day/Grandparents Day
  • Archangels Mass & Day of Service
  • Annual Christmas Event
  • Daddy-Daughter Dance
  • Field Day
  • And more
    • Collage of parents at St. Gabriel's Catholic School events

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Alicia Robertson

    Mrs. Alicia Robertson 

    St. Gabriel's Catholic School
    Director of Community Engagement
    St. Edward's University - M.S.
    University of Texas at Austin - B.A.
  • Photo of Lark Campbell Pickell

    Mrs. Lark Campbell Pickell 

    Special Events Manager
  • Photo of Jeni Messina

    Mrs. Jeni Messina 

    St. Gabriel's School
    Special Events Manager
What our children learn at St. Gabriel's stays with them forever.

Parent Association

Our Parent-School Association plays a vital role in the life of St. Gabriel's, and we are pleased to have tremendous participation among our families. Simply being the parent of an enrolled student makes you a member of the Parent-School Association.

The purpose of the PSA is to promote and support the mission and operation of the school by providing communication and volunteer assistance, building community spirit among our families through social events, and serving the broader community through service projects.

Volunteer involvement is priceless to a school’s success and sense of community. Choose from helping out at annual book fairs, uniform re-sales, Homecoming, or volunteering in the classroom and library. Come join us and “Be Involved!"

What is the Parent Association?
  • The Parent Association is a combined group of St. Gabriel's Catholic School and St. Michael's Catholic Academy parents who support our campus communities and events through volunteering.
If you're interested in volunteering, please contact Lark Pickell, Special Events Manager.

All parent volunteers must be EIM certified. 

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  • Communication

    • We hold two open meetings for all parents in the Fall and Spring to introduce the volunteer wants and needs of the different PSA committees.
    • The PA parents assigned to each classroom (room parents or grade-level advisories) are a conduit for communication to the parents of the class and the teacher.
  • Volunteer Support

    • We help staff various events and/or fund events such as the Boo Hoo/Yahoo social and teacher luncheons throughout the year.
    • We help round up volunteers for Gala, Homecoming, and other special events.
  • Service

    • We organize appreciation events to honor the wonderful staff through Teacher Appreciation Luncheons and the Staff Christmas Collection.
    • We help with the logistics of the weekly Mass services and special observances.
    • We provide aid for those in the community who need it by supporting the Prayer and Care Committee.
    • We offer used uniform sales to assist the parents of the school with the required school apparel.

Our Leadership Committee

Leadership Committee
President: Debra Gilluly
SMCA VP: Trish Acosta
SGCS VP: Angela Dartt
Secretary: Renee Sommers
Treasurer: Divya Patel
SGCS Uniform Resale: Michelle Mason
SMCA/SGCS Christmas Collection:Kelly Dehner (SMCA)/Beata Burgeson (SGCS)
SMCA/SGCS Spirit Wear Sales: Heather Corbett (SMCA)/Jessica DeFeyter (SGCS)
VP School Support SGCS: Renee de Lota
Fine Arts: Stephanie Kraft 
Music Liaison: Summer Andresakis
Art Liaison: Jeana Lowry
Theater Liaison: Geetha Subramanian
Teacher Appreciation: Lauren McMullen
Book Fair: Lisa Owen
Library Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator: Monica Kaspar and Christina Tagle
VP School Support SMCA: Staci Peterson
Fine Arts: Susan Pinzon
Teacher Appreciation: Brettne Shootman
SMCA Project Graduation: Jackie Curtin
Dances: Tiffany Johnson
SMCA Poinsettia Sales: Kerry Barber
VP Community Building SGCS: Hazel Stanley
Homecoming: Donna Bell
Homecoming Mums: Lesli Reese & Jess McCane
Mother/Son Kickball: Michelle Martin
Christmas at SGCS: Erika Giordano and Courtney McIlwraith
LS Liaison: Shelley Nelson
PK3 GLC: Lauryn Robison
PK4 GLC: Kristen Rombach
Kindergarten GLC: Lisa Owen
1st GLC: Liz Busch
2nd GLC: Kirstin Bradshaw
3rd GLC: Jennifer D'Cuoto
4th GLC: Kelly Stone
MS Liaison: Jeni McCracken
5th GLC: Michelle Dolch
6th GLC: Michelle Martin
7th GLC: Sarah DeHay
8th GLC: Kristen Ahrens
VP Community Building SMCA: Tracy Hamilton
Homecoming: Kim Metzger
SMCA Homecoming Mums: Wendy Daniel
US Liaison: Heather Kadenacy
9th Grade GLC: Lisa Marcus
10th Grade GLC: Taylor Fry
11th Grade GLC: Kacy Dolce
12th Grade GLC: Staci Radtke
All School VP of Community Service: Susie Moceri
All School Care Committee: Mary Costello 
All School Service Learning Support: Ginger Knell 
All School Spiritual Life: Abbie Pivach 
SGCS/SMCA Bible Study: Kristen Sitter
SGCS All Saints MAP and Bread of Life Mass: Masarra Olsen
Nativity Set Up: Tracey Lackovich 
SGCS St. Nicholas Feast Day: Tracey Lackovich
SGCS May Crowning/Processional: Tara Moore / Laura Logan
Lessons & Carols Decor: Kathryn Di Marco-Kovalik
VP of Community Engagement: Lauryn Robison
Saber Dads is a group of men who strive to be always present for our children and the St. Gabriel’s Community.

Saber Dads

We are a spiritual and social organization of fathers committed to serving and supporting St. Gabriel‘s Catholic School in Austin TX through our presence and example. Our children witness our service and recognize the normalcy of helping others, which over time eventually becomes part of their being.

There are numerous activities throughout the year in which we serve including cooking for the Homecoming Carnival, hosting the Saber Dads Mass, camping with our kids, and the legendary dads-only fishing trip! Each activity is an opportunity to show our love for our children, to grow as men, and to fulfill our primary mission of being servant examples in our community. Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it. We make a difference at St. Gabriel’s Catholic School.
    • Saber Dads logo

Saber Dads Is...

  • An opportunity to serve St. Gabriel's
  • A visible sign of your support
  • A chance to get away and relax
  • A cheering section for the big game
  • A chance to have lunch with your child
  • An opportunity to look good to your wife
  • The chance to be a role model
  • A spiritual and fraternal support team
  • An opportunity for dads to just be guys

Saber Dads Is Not...

  • Expensive ($35 suggested donation)
  • A time sieve (come when you can)
  • A guilt trip (no worries)
  • A cult (no one will make you wear a robe)
  • A fraternity (we're older and wiser)
  • An elitist club (we really don't care)
  • Your wife's idea (we thought of it first)
  • A political body (we stay out of that stuff)
  • A spam generator (minimal emails)
St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.