St. Gabriel’s Pre-K 3 through 8th grade students bring ideas to life in the d.lab for Making: a creative, collaborative workspace for hands-on and open-ended learning. Design thinking and the Maker mindset are integrated into the classroom curriculum with authentic and meaningful connections.

Maker Education

Experiential, hands-on learning is essential in the formation of our future ready, servant leaders at St. Gabriel’s Catholic School. In order to provide this type of learning for our students, we created the d.lab for Making, the first of its kind Makerspace in Central Texas for our students to engage in creating and answer the challenges created during their academic studies of content applied in real-world problems through the framework of Project-based learning coupled with Design Thinking. 

Our d.lab for Making is a space for all St. Gabriel’s students to work and create in, from PK3 to 8th grade. Utilizing a variety of tools such as sewing, woodworking, modeling and fabrication, 3D printing, vinyl and laser cutting, as well as many low-tech and high-tech creativity platforms, our students are able to invent and manifest new ideas that solve real world problems based on their academic studies. 

We believe Making challenges the imaginations of our students, builds confidence and creativity, and teaches important lessons in perseverance and resilience.

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  • Photo of Eduardo Garcia

    Eduardo Garcia 

    Director of Innovation
  • Photo of Kelly Linder

    Kelly Linder 

    Dean of STEM
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    • Students working with wood in the d.Lab for Making
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