Investing In Our Future

Endowment contributions are the most important investment in continuing the St. Gabriel’s legacy of excellence.
The steady income provided by the endowment provides ongoing, yearly support, making a tremendous difference for our students and faculty. The impact of the Endowment Fund is powerful, and its continued growth is critical to the long-term sustainability of St. Gabriel’s Catholic School.

Your investment at this leadership level strengthens the robust and innovative educational program that has inspired St. Gabriel’s students to pursue their passions and lead lives of purpose and excellence. A healthy endowment is essential to the financial health of our school. While it is necessary to give $50,000 to name an award or fund, gifts of any size are meaningful and impactful.

The time to invest in the future of St. Gabriel’s is today!
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The St. Gabriel’s Catholic School Founders Endowed Award

Inspirational, Dedicated, Innovative, Collaborator, Thought Leader, Selfless Servant, Mentor. These qualities and more describe the founding faculty and staff who continue to share their gifts with the St. Gabriel’s community. In honor of these special employees, this Fund is being established to honor their commitment and dedication to the mission of the school by honoring two deserving 8th grade-graduating students with a Founders Award. A recipient of this award will be one who began his or her journey in our Pre-K program, and who has exemplified the school’s mission and values throughout their St. Gabriel’s journey. Additionally, he or she will have demonstrated a desire for academic achievement and joyful servant leadership. The second recipient of this award will be one whose tenure at St. Gabriel’s is a model for others to follow. They will have advanced the mission and vision of our school through their academic growth and success, meaningful service to others, and an embodiment of the Cardinal Virtues of prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude; the values recited through the School Oath weekly.

List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Leah Esparza

    Leah Esparza 

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of Andy de Waal

    Andy de Waal 

    Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Evie Cascarano

    Evie Cascarano 

    Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
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