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EIM Compliance

What is EIM?

For the safety and protection of our students, and as required by the Diocese of Austin, all Catholic school volunteers and employees must receive Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM) certification every three years.
If you have not yet taken this course and would like to volunteer on campus, we invite you to attend an upcoming session. Please note, this is a 3 hour course so plan accordingly. To ensure participants receive the training in its entirety, late arrivals are not admitted, and all 3 hours must be completed in order to obtain your certification.

What does it mean to be compliant?

  1. You have had 1 initial “live” training within 3 years: After this initial “live” training, you complete an online refresher every three years;
  2. You have consented to a background check every three years;
  3. You have answered and signed off on the documents within the VIRTUS website.
Please contact Coni Butler, Director of Finance and Human Resources or the Diocese of Austin EIM Office if you have any questions about these requirements.

EIM Compliance Details

The EIM (Ethics and Integrity in Ministry) Office has completed the conversion to VIRTUS. Active EIM accounts were transferred to VIRTUS Online and an email with login information and instructions was sent in January. New to the EIM process? Or have more questions? Visit to learn how to create an account, sign up for a workshop (new applicants only) or update compliance. Contact us at for further assistance or if you did not receive the welcome email from VIRTUS.
La Oficina de EIM desea agradecerle su apoyo durante la transición de nuestro sitio web y plan de estudios a Si usted tenía una cuenta EIM en el pasado, sus datos han sido transferidos a VIRTUS y recibirá un correo electrónico de bienvenida con su información de inicio de sesión VIRTUS. Si eres nuevo en el proceso EIM, visita para saber cómo crear una cuenta e inscribirte en un taller. Si tiene alguna pregunta, póngase en contacto con la oficina de EIM en o (512) 949-2447.
Report abuse of a minor, elderly adult, or an adult with a disability to local law enforcement or to the Texas Abuse Hotline at or (800) 252-5400 and to the diocese at or (512) 949-2447.

Reporte el abuso de un menor, un adulto mayor o un adulto con una discapacidad a las autoridades locales del cumplimiento de la ley o a la Línea Directa del Abuso de Texas en o llamando al (800) 252-5400 y a la diócesis de Austin en o llamando al (512) 949-2447.
Bishop Joe S. Vásquez and the Diocese of Austin are committed to providing compassionate care to persons who have experienced abuse, particularly if committed by clergy or a church representative. If you or someone you know have experienced such abuse, contact the diocesan Coordinator of Victim Assistance and Pastoral Support at (512) 949-2400.

¿Ha usted, o alguien que usted conoce, experimentado abuso?
El Obispo José Vásquez y la Diócesis de Austin están comprometidos a proveer de cuidado compasivo a personas que hayan experimentado abuso, particularmente si éste fue cometido por clero o un representante de la iglesia. Si usted, o alguien que usted conocer ha experimentado dicho abuso, contacte a la Coordinadora diocesana de Asistencia a las Víctimas y Apoyo Pastoral, llame al (512) 949-2400.
Report unethical behavior by a person serving in ministry to the diocese at (512) 949-2447.

Reporte comportamiento no ético por parte de una persona sirviendo en ministerio a la diócesis al (512) 949-2447.
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