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Our community approach to Wellness is a holistic one. Striving for growth, development and balance in mind, body and spirit is at the foundation of all we do. We look at child development through the lens of academics, emotional intelligence and empathy, faith and spiritual growth and self awareness and responsible decision making as the elements for becoming a successful and happy adult. We actively engage in providing excellent support and resources in health and nutrition, meeting children where they are academically, growing their faith as well as attending to advancing essential social skills and learning conflict management. Professional counseling is always available as part of this process as well as referrals to community resources of all kinds. All of this is done in partnership with parents and families with intentional joy, respect and love.

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  • Counseling

    Experiencing academic, social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties is a normal part of growth and development for a child. Our Counselor is available to meet with students to provide individual and small group counseling in order to problem solve and discuss issues related to friendships, behavioral concerns in the classroom, academic concerns, and other common childhood or teen developmental challenges. Our counselor works collaboratively with teachers, parents, and administrators to create a positive action plan for students.
  • Parent Support

    Strong partnerships with parents and families are essential to the success of all St. Gabriel’s students. Parenting support is provided through a number of resources including essential relationships with our outstanding faculty, administrators and staff, parenting workshops and educational trainings regarding valuable topics in child growth and development, weekly “Counselor’s Corner” articles, regular weekly newsletters and communications from grade level teachers, on-going health support & education from our professional campus Nursing staff, and personal intervention and education with our Counselor & Student Support Staff.
  • Behavior Support

    Creating a learning environment that meets students where they are academically, socially and emotionally involves teaching successful behavioral skills. This includes positive communication skills in sharing feelings and the empathy to understand the feelings and thoughts of others. Skills like self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making are central to the success of all classroom families.This may look like classroom charters, daily class meetings and clear expectations in each class environment.  When normal behavioral challenges arise, teachers, administrators, and the counselor work together with individual students and parents to create a plan of success to help foster these essential skills.
  • Retreats

    An invaluable component of developing the whole student in middle school includes retreat experiences off campus to foster social growth and connection as well as opportunities to celebrate developmental milestones. Through team building challenge activities, students are given tangible experiences in problem solving and overcoming obstacles together. These retreats are also a unique time to connect with teachers outside of the classroom setting.
  • SEL Programming

    Embedded in our holistic approach to student growth and development is social emotional learning (SEL). Skills like self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making are central to the success of all students and great care is taken to further strengthen these skills in each of the students we support. Additionally, our classroom teachers employ innovative teaching practices like project-based learning, service learning, and design thinking to differentiate their instruction and to foster a growth mindset in our students. This integrated approach motivates our students to take ownership of their learning while solving real-world problems. These authentic connections give meaning to academic content and drive student achievement.
  • Counselor's Corner

    Each week our school counselor contributes a blog in our school newsletter, The Messenger. This blog addresses timely student and family wellness concerns, and offers advice and encouragement to all.

    Click here to view an edition of our weekly Counselor's Corner.

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