Meet Our Alumni


At St. Gabriel's, students embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and change. We set high expectations because we believe in our students and their ability to succeed.

Our graduates are outstanding academic students as well as global citizens, independent thinkers, creative problem solvers, and responsible members of their communities. They are well-prepared for their future education and work life, attending rigorous and well-renowned institutions in high school and beyond. 

Below are some of their stories as they flourish beyond St. Gabriel's.

Victoria Fabiano, Class of 2002

    • Victoria Fabiano alumni
Head of Enterprise Customer Development, Google Cloud Platform

John Schults, Class of 2005

    • John Schults Alumni
Team Leader and Realtor                                                                                          

Caroline Keyes, Class of 2014

    • Caroline Keyes Alumni
Stanford University                                                                                                    

Christy Schrader, Class of 2013

    • Christy Schrader alumni
Pepperdine University in Malibu                                                                           

Daniela Alvarez, Class of 2013

    • Daniela Alvarez alumni
Wesleyan University                                                                                               

Jocelen Matyas, Class of 2006

    • Jocelen Matyas alumni
Working in impact investing and circular economy in Southeast Asia, based in Singapore.

Madison Leyens, Class of 2014

    • Madison Leyens alumni
Southern Methodist University                                                                          

Roxana Kappmeyer, Class of 2013

    • Roxana Kappmeyer alumni
University of Texas                                                                                                 

Kasey Zimmermann, Class of 2008

    • Kasey Zimmerman alumni
Digital Sales Manager at KEYE, CBS Austin Television                                          

Pilar Rubio Beltran, Class of 2014

    • Pilar Rubio Beltran alumni
Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology

Ashley Lecheler, Class of 2007

    • Ashley Lecheler alumni
Project Manager for website and mobile applications at Southwest Airlines

Connor Maloney, Class of 2012

    • Connor Maloney alumni
Construction Science graduate student at Texas A&M University                       
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