Strategies for a Successful Summer - Counselor's Corner

Summer is here and for parents, teachers, and students, thoughts of sleeping in, swimming or reading by the pool, playing with friends and taking that fun family vacation sound like a welcome and much needed break from the fast paced experience of the school year! Helloooo Summer and goodbye schedules!

As you make plans for your family, I encourage you to consider a few important ideas. While all children do better with clear structure and routine, for those who experience anxiety, ADHD, spectrum disorders, or any pervasive emotional challenges, routine and structure are essential for feeling safe and comfortable.
The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness - Counselor's Corner

Beyond the basic physical needs of a child, lies the process through which adult happiness is created. Children are remarkably resilient and will grow and flourish when given the slightest opportunity. We know through years of research and data that even children who struggle with challenges socially, economically, or environmentally can flourish and grow within a framework of love and support. 

In his book The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell shares the Five Steps that create and sustain lifelong joy.

A Day in the Life of a 1st Grade Class

St. Gabriel's Catholic School is now enrolling 1st and 2nd grade for the 2022-2023 school year!

Watch this video for a peek into a day in the life of a 1st grade class at St. Gabriel's. Students engage joyfully in math, reading, and science, lead Morning Prayer, and participate in electives including music and Spanish.
Congratulations to St. Gabriel's Graduating 8th Graders

Published in West Austin News
St. Gabriel’s Catholic School celebrated the 8th grade class of 2022 at an Awards Dinner on May 18 and a Graduation Mass on May 19.  

“We are so proud of our graduating Sabers, who represented our school with integrity, caring, and excellence,” said Colleen Lynch, Head of School.
St. Gabriel's Catholic School is an Independent Catholic school in Austin TX, educating children in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and middle school.